1ST SAAEE Energy Economics Conference 2019


The South African Association of Energy Economics held its inaugural conference titled: “Transforming future energy systems to ensure sustainability and climate protection: Are we missing something?”

The conference was opened by Prof. Roula Inglesi-Lotz, president of SAAEE followed by keynote speakers from DMRE and IAEE. The conference held over two days had a plethora of industry experts speaking on topics such as ethics in energy, green skills and quasi-fiscal deficits.

An interesting facet of SAAEE conferences is the conference paper presentations made by students and industry experts under the theme title of the event. The conference was well attended and invoked numerous debates on the transformation of energy systems that will be just and equitable.

Conference Theme

The future economic development and improvement of living standards of the global population considering issues of sustainability and climatic changes depends highly on access to infrastructure (energy, water, transport, telecommunications and others). Until now, the differences in access to infrastructure development have been potentially the reason for the high levels of inequality and the intensification of movements towards urban centres.

Income inequalities and urbanization challenge city planning and the appropriate allocation of resources within regions, worsening poverty levels (economic, energy, water, food). New technologies are developed in the energy research sector that consider the latest socioeconomic and geopolitical challenges and at the same time address the climatic and economic constraints that the planet is facing.

Past research and policies that were isolated from each other and between each other have not achieved desired solutions in global challenges. A new era of multidisciplinarity and systematic inclusion of various research fields has already begun – concerted efforts in policy making have already been in motion. The world needs to learn from past mistakes in the designing of the new systems taking into consideration environmental and societal impacts of any transition and change.

In the African continent overall and South Africa in particularly, the discussion on longterm planning that will direct the investment pathways in the future is crucial. It is imperative to develop appropriate policies informed by scientific multidisciplinary analysis to meet the preconditions of “sustainability” and “climate protection” in order to maximise the societal positive externalities. The theme of the conference emphasizes these preconditions and frames the question in that context – what are we as a society, including academics, researchers, policy makers, and private sector partners, missing in order for the future energy systems to become sustainable and climate friendly?

SAAEE proudly invites all stakeholders to the 1st SAAEE Energy Economics Conference providing the platform for discussion on these topics, the African continent and around the world.

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