Theser are some of the publications by some of our council members.

Prof Roula Inglesi-Lotz
DR Heinrich Bohlmann
Prof Rod Crompton


These are published bi-monthly in print and electronic format and covers a variety of topics such as Alternative Energy Fuels, Energy Conservation, Greenhouse Effect and Renewable Energy Issues, etc. The Energy Journal articles are academic in nature and range from topical short papers, informative articles, talks and research reports. The journal is complete with a review section examining books and government reports on energy policy and prospects. Special issues of The Energy Journal are often produced on a wide variety of topics. Please visit our Order Special Issues page to learn more.


These are published twice per year in print and electronic format and covers a variety of topics in the interface between energy and environmental economics, with a policy orientation, such as Climate Policy, Emission Trading, Sustainable Energy Systems, Energy Security, and Renewable Energy Policy, etc. Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy articles are scholarly and research-based, yet easily read and accessible, Its content ranges from a blend of policy papers and notes, organized symposia on specific policy issues, feature articles, book reviews, and commentaries on current energy and environmental policy issues.


(newsletter) is published quarterly in print and electronic format and covers timely thematic energy matters such as renewable energy, continental energy issues in China, India, Russia, electricity, natural gas and nuclear matters, etc. Its focus is targeted and involves members who wish to publish. The “Energy Forum” also publishes announcements on upcoming association events, such as conferences and workshops, provides IAEE Affiliate news and special reports and information on international energy matters.


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